How to get a CSCS labourer card

09. 03. 2022.  

In order to work safely on construction sites in the UK you must hold a valid CSCS Card. Find out how to get a CSCS labourer card.

how to get a CSCS labourer card

In order to work safely on construction sites in the UK you must hold a valid CSCS Card. To obtain a CSCS Green Labourer Card you must first complete the CITB Health, Safety and Environment touch screen test for Operatives. (known commonly as the CSCS test). This test takes 45 minutes, is multiple choice and must be completed in person at a local test centre. Bookings can be made at over 150 test centres nationwide using this service. You can find a test centre close to you by clicking here. 

It is important to note that to obtain the CSCS Green Labourer card you must take the Operatives CSCS test. There are a number of different tests under the umbrella of the CSCS test and these can be taken for workers looking to obtain certain other CSCS cards such as the CSCS Black card (Managers & Professionals CSCS test) or the Gold Supervisor card (Supervisor CSCS Test). More information on this can be found on our blog post titled ‘What is the CSCS Test?’ 

What is the CSCS test? | Construction Certification

How do I apply for the CSCS Labourer card?

  1. Book in a CITB Health, Safety and Environment (CSCS) Operatives test at your local test centre.
  2. Once you have passed this test, you must complete the Online CSCS Green Card course (also known as the Health, Safety & Awareness course)
  3. Once both of these have been completed you can then apply for your CSCS Green Card. Please note: you will need a copy of both the Health, Safety & Awareness certificate and the Health, Safety & Environment (CSCS) score report to complete your CSCS Green Card application. Once you have completed this process and obtained your CSCS Green Card you will be eligible to work on construction sites in the UK. Your CSCS Green Card is valid for 5 years.

You can book your CSCS Operatives test below: 

CSCS Test Booking Form | Construction Certification

Online CSCS Green Card Course

To get a CSCS Green Card you must complete the Health and Safety Awareness qualification.

This used to mean you had to attend class room training for a full day. Now the Online Green Card Course allows you to complete the training from your computer in half the time. Once completed it is valid for a full 5 years. Why do it online?

  • Training in just 4 hours online
  • up to 100% pass rate currently
  • Officially accredited
  • No days off work needed
  • Complete on a smartphone or computer
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Short test from your laptop and not at a test centre
  • Immediate training at times to suit you
  • No travel needed

Book your Health, Safety & Awareness Course here: 

Green Card Online Course - Application (

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