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The CSCS Labourers Card also known as the CSCS Green Card is the most popular type of CSCS Card. The CSCS Labourers card is also one of the quickest and easiest CSCS Cards to apply for. To obtain a CSCS Labourers Card you need to complete the CITB test which leads to the CSCS Green (Labourers) Card, also known as the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives test.
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About the CSCS Labourers Card

The CSCS Labourer Card is your foot in the door to the UK construction industry. It will enable you to be considered for work on virtually every major or minor jobsite - be it publicly funded or privately funded - in the nation. The Green Labourer Card is required to show your qualifications on most job sites, for anyone engaged in unskilled manual labour. The Labourers Card is valid for 5 years from the date of issue and is recognised UK wide.

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How to Get a CSCS Green Labourers Card

If you wish to obtain a Green Card and start working on construction sites you must complete the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives Test, which can be known as the Labourers Card test at a local test centre within the last 2 years and have your CITB pass certificate. You must also complete your Health, Safety and Awareness (HS&A) qualification or equivalent. This used to mean you had to take a full day off work but now you can complete this as an online course in less then 4 hours from your home, anytime day or night. You can find out more about the online course here

About the CITB Test For The CSCS Labourers Green Card

The CITB Test is a needed to apply for the CSCS Labourers (Green) Card. This is the basic CITB (CSCS) Operatives test and consists of multiple-choice questions. These tests are conducted only at approved test centres and are designed to test the applicant's knowledge of basic health, safety and environmental issues related to construction work and construction sites. 

Statistics indicate that most people who fail the CITB Operatives test did not engage in revision beforehand. We cannot stress enough how important it is to study for the CITB Health, Safety & Environment test before taking it. 

Booking Your CITB Test For CSCS Labourers Card

Booking an appointment to take your CITB Labourers Card test is easy. Just go to our CITB test booking form, provide the necessary information and choose “Operative Test”. After that, choose the test centre nearest to you and then provide payment information securely. Once completed you will usually have your booking information sent to you via email within 24 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can apply for a CSCS Labourers Card, also known as the CSCS Green Card in 3 simple steps:
  1. Book in a CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives Test at your local test centre.
  2. Complete the Health, Safety Awareness (HS&A) Online Course or equivalent. 
  3. Apply for your CSCS Labourers (CSCS Green Card).

To book in a CITB Operatives test this can be done instantly here. Sometimes you can get a CITB test booking slot within a few days and sometimes it can take a week or more at busier test centres. Then to complete your Health, Safety and Awareness course this can often be done in less than 4 hours from your home. As long as you have your CITB pass certificate and Health, Safety and Awareness Certificate you can apply for your CSCS Labourers (Green) card and this should arrive with you within 5-10 working days from when you make your application. 

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