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Southampton CITB Test Centre Address

Second Floor South Suite
Anglo City house
2-6 Shirley Road
SO15 3EU
United Kingdom

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CITB Test Information

To get a CSCS Card you must complete a CITB Health, Safety and Environment test. The test takes 45 minutes. It is a multiple choice test with 50 questions. You must get 45 out of 50 to pass. The CITB test can be taken at over 150 test centres nationwide. 

Brief directions

The Southampton CITB Test Centre is located just north of Southampton Central train station. The rail station is a 10 minute walk or 0.5 miles.
Southampton CITB Test Centre
The CSCS card is a way to verify that people working on construction sites have the appropriate knowledge and training. This helps prevent on-the-job mishaps that endanger everyone's health and safety. You obtain a CSCS card by taking the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test. There are 150 CITB test centres nationwide including in Southampton.
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What to Expect in the Test
Before taking the CSCS exam, staff must verify your identity and make sure you are scheduled to take the exam at that time. They will then need to take a picture of you (for security reasons). The test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and lasts 45 minutes. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate with your test results.
If you fail the exam, you can enrol in another exam three days after the first exam. It is also recommend that you purchase study materials to help you prepare for retaking the test. Study materials for the test can be found here.
It is strongly recommended that you use these materials, especially if you fail on your first try. Studying greatly increases the likelihood of passing results. If you wish to register to retake the exam, please follow this link and provide the requested information.
What to Take With You
You must bring a valid ID with you on the day of the CITB test. Otherwise, you will not be able to take the exam. Valid proof of identity is your UK driving license or passport.
If you do not have one of these identification documents, you can bring alternative forms of identification. These include a trade union card, UK Armed Forces card, EU country ID, recent bank statement, social security card, or credit or debit card.
For more information on allowed identifiers, please click here and see our frequently asked questions.
What to Do Before Going to the Test Centre
It is strongly recommend that you take time to study for the CITB test before arriving on test day. If you need help with the review materials, you can find resources at this link.
How Do I Book a Test?
If you would like to register for the Southampton CITB Exam, simply follow this link and complete our online form. You will be asked to provide basic information for registration. We will send the date and time of the test to the e-mail address provided by you. This information usually arrives within 24 hours.
Which Test to Take
There are more than a dozen types of CSCS Cards ranging from Green Cards for Labourers to Black Cards for construction managers. You’ll need to take the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test that corresponds to the card you hope to obtain. 
There are currently 3 CITB tests associated with the CSCS Card programme. They are:
  • The Operatives Test - The Operatives Test is the most basic type of CITB Test. If you are hoping to obtain a Green Card to work as a labourer, or you need a Provisional Red Card to gain temporary access to a construction site you will need to take the Operatives Test.
  • The Specialist Test - The Specialist Test is for those with special skills who need access to construction sites. Pipe Fitters, Plumbers, Electricians and more will need to take the Specialist Test in order to secure a Red Card (Trainee, Apprentice or Experienced Worker), Blue Card (Skilled Worker) or Gold Card (Supervisory, Advanced).
  • The Managers or Professionals Test - This is the highest level of CITB Test and is reserved for those with high-level positions in the construction industry. Take the Managers or Professionals Test if you need to obtain a Red Card (Technical, Supervisor, Managers), White Card (Academically or Professionally Qualified Person) or CSCS Black Card (Manager).
Take These Tips to Heart
Tip 1: Revision is crucial - More people than you know show up at the Southampton test centre unprepared and end up failing. Don’t let that happen. Buy some revision aids and put them to good use.
Tip 2: Get to know the software - Prior to the test you’ll have an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the testing software. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.
Tip 3: Don’t get stuck on 1 question - If you can’t come up with an answer within a minute either guess or move on and come back to the question later. 
Tip 4: Answer every question - You have nothing to lose by guessing. A guess on a multiple-choice question typically has a 20-25% chance of being right. So if you don't know the answer the right thing to do is to guess.
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Southampton CITB Test Centre

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