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As a Scaffolder, you will need to apply for a CSCS Partner Scheme Card. Specifically, you will require a CISRS card to display your qualifications in scaffolding. In order to apply for this card, you will first need to complete the Health, safety and Environment test. As a Scaffolder you will take the standard CITB test for Operatives.
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About CSCS Partner CISRS Cards for Scaffolder

The vast majority of construction sites in the UK require that you hold a CSCS or CSCS partner scheme card to enter and carry out a job. With a CISRS Card showing your certifications you may be considered for jobs on any construction site, regardless of public or private status. A CISRS Card will last for 5 years and is acknowledged nationally as a partner scheme of CSCS.

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How do I apply for the CSCS Partner CISRS Card for Scaffolder?


Complete the required qualifications for the CISRS card you are pursuing.


Book in a CITB Health, Safety and Environment test for Operatives.


Apply for your CSCS Partner CISRS Card.

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How to Get a Scaffolder CSCS Card

There are a few different types of CISRS cards for Scaffolders, and the appropriate card for you will depend on your individual situation. These cards require that you attain multiple qualifications in order to apply, as well as an NVQ Level 2 which may be completed as a college diploma.

In addition to this, you must complete the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives test. The results will be valid for 2 years, and you will need to hold on to your score report for your application.

About the CITB Test for Scaffolder CISRS Card

In order to attain any CSCS card or partner card it is required that you take the correct CITB test for specialism and qualifications. The CITB Health, Safety & Environment test for Operatives consists of 50 multiple choice questions to test your basic knowledge of health, safety and environmental construction topics. 
In order to pass successfully, you need a score of at least 90% - 45/50 questions answered correctly. Tests are only carried out in approved CITB test centres. It is vital that you prepare for your test with revision, as statistics show that the majority of those who fail the CITB test did not study in preparation.

Booking your CITB Test for CISRS Scaffolder Card

You can book your CITB Scaffolder test using our simple booking form. Fill in your details and select the Operatives test. You can then select your preferred test date and centre. After this has been completed, you will need to securely provide your payment information to receive your booking information within around 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can apply for a CSCS Labourers Card, also known as the CSCS Green Card in 3 simple steps:
  1. Book in a CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives Test at your local test centre.
  2. Complete the Health, Safety Awareness (HS&A) Online Course or equivalent. 
  3. Apply for your CSCS Labourers (CSCS Green Card).

To book in a CITB Operatives test this can be done instantly here. Sometimes you can get a CITB test booking slot within a few days and sometimes it can take a week or more at busier test centres. Then to complete your Health, Safety and Awareness course this can often be done in less than 4 hours from your home. As long as you have your CITB pass certificate and Health, Safety and Awareness Certificate you can apply for your CSCS Labourers (Green) card and this should arrive with you within 5-10 working days from when you make your application. 

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