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Oldham CITB Test Centre Address

5A – 6A Whitney Court Southlink Business Park
Hamilton Street
United Kingdom

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CITB Test Information

To get a CSCS Card you must complete a CITB Health, Safety and Environment test. The test takes 45 minutes. It is a multiple choice test with 50 questions. You must get 45 out of 50 to pass. The CITB test can be taken at over 150 test centres nationwide. 

Brief directions

Whitney Court can be located on the Southlink Business Centre, Hamilton Street, Oldham. It is Close to Oldham Mumps Railway Station.
Oldham CSCS Test Centre
The CSCS card is a way to verify that people working on construction sites have the appropriate knowledge and training. This helps prevent on-the-job mishaps that endanger everyone's health and safety. You obtain a CSCS card by taking the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test. There are 150 CITB test centres nationwide including in Oldham.
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What to Expect in the Test
The test day is simple and straightforward. Upon arrival, just show your ID to the staff and take a photo (for safety purposes). After the exam begins, you have 45 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. You will receive a certificate of your results. 
If you fail the exam, you can register for the next exam three days after the first exam. We also recommend that you purchase review materials to help you prepare for the retake. 
You can find an overview of the exam materials under this link. It is strongly recommended that you use these materials, especially if this is not your first time taking the exam. 
By studying prior to taking the CITB test, you can greatly increase the probability of obtaining a passing score on your retake. To take the exam again, click here and fill out the requested information.

What to Take With You
You must bring acceptable identification in order to take the CITB test. If you do not have a valid ID, you will not be able to take the exam (no exceptions). 
The most common forms of identification include a UK driver’s license or passport. If you don’t have these forms of identification, you need to provide two alternative forms of identification.
These include: EU Country ID card, Trade Union Card, British Armed Forces Card, Credit or Debit Card, National Insurance Card, or your latest bank statements. Additionally, you can click here for a complete list of approved identification alternatives.

What to Do Before Going to the Test Centre
To ensure that you get the best results on your test, always revise your exam information before coming in. If you need assistance preparing for test day, click here for revision information.

How Do I Book a Test?
Are you ready to take your CITB test in Oldham? Simply click here to fill out our online form. We just need to collect some basic information from you to begin the application process. 
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Oldham CITB Test Centre

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