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Choose from over 150 CITB Test Centre locations nationwide. The full address of each test centre is listed below. A test centre may be listed by the city or region it is in. 
You can book your CITB test, commonly known as the CSCS Test, using this service. You can also find out information about the CSCS test in Boston and get directions to the Boston CSCS Test Centre.

Boston CSCS Test Centre Address

3 Bridge Street
PE21 8QF
United Kingdom

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CSCS Test Information

To get a CSCS Card you must complete a CITB Health, Safety and Environment test known as the CSCS test. The test takes 45 minutes. It is a multiple choice test with 50 questions. You must get 45 out of 50 to pass. The CSCS test can be taken at over 150 test centres nationwide. 

Brief directions

Turn left down West Street from the Railway Station Approach. Pass the council office and Post Office. Go past the West End Cinema and follow the road. The Test Centre can be located at the top of Bridge Street.
The CSCS card is a way to verify that people working on construction sites have the appropriate knowledge and training. This helps prevent on-the-job mishaps that endanger everyone's health and safety. You obtain a CSCS card by taking the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test. There are 150 CSCS test centres nationwide including in Boston.
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What to Expect in the Test
On the day of your test, the on-site staff will need to check your ID when you arrive. They will then confirm that you are scheduled to take the test at that time. Lastly, the staff will take a photo of you as per safety regulations. 
The test itself takes 45 minutes to complete and is made up of 50 multiple-choice questions. After completing the exam, you will be given your certificate of achievement that shows your test score.
If you fail to pass the test on your first take, you may re-register to take the exam again in three days from the date of the first exam. A failing score means you should study what’s on the exam. You can find this material by clicking here. 
Again, you are recommended to make use of the revision materials, and especially so if you didn’t pass the exam on your first try. Studying will increase your likelihood of getting a passing score considerably.
If you wish to register for a CSCS test retake, you can do so at this link
What to Take With You
An acceptable form of identification is required to take the CSCS test. Without a valid ID, you will not be able to take the test (sorry; no exceptions). Valid forms of ID include:
  • UK driving license
  • Passport
If you have neither of these IDs, you will be asked to provide two alternate forms of identification. Acceptable documents include but aren’t limited to:
  • HMRC letter B79 Notification of Discharge Letter
  • British Armed Forces Card
  • National Insurance Card
  • Inland Revenue Card
  • UK Travel Document
  • Proof of Age Card
  • Trade Union Card
  • Young Scots Card
  • Bank Statement
Please click here if you would like to view a complete list of acceptable secondary IDs.
What to Do Before Going to the Test Centre
Always take time to review your study material before testing. If you would like to buy revision material, you may do so by clicking here.
How Do I Book a Test?
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