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Official CITB Test for a CSCS Card in Gloucestershire

Almost every construction worker in the country carries a CSCS Card nowadays as there are very few companies left that will allow you onsite without one. Your qualifications and experience will determine which type of CSCS Card you can apply for but, whichever one it is, you will need to pass a CITB HS&E test too. If you would like to book a CITB test for a CSCS Card in Gloucestershire, you can do so right now, on our website. As an accredited booking agent, we are able to arrange CITB test dates at local test centres for operatives, managers/professionals and specialists.

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Which CITB Test Should You Take?


Operatives Test – The operatives test is for most construction industry workers who are not specialists or managers. It includes questions covering 5 core areas of knowledge: working environment, occupational health, safety, high-risk activities and specialist


Specialists Test – If you take a specialist test, you will face questions from the same 5 core knowledge areas as featured in the operatives test, together with questions pertaining to the chosen areas of specialisation. CITB specialist tests can be taken for any of the following areas of specialisation: demolition, plumbing, working at height, tunnelling, lifts & elevators, services and facilities maintenance, ductwork, refrigeration and air conditioning, highway works, pipefitting and welding, heating and plumbing services, and supervisory.


Managers and Professionals Test – The managers and professionals CITB test covers 6 areas of core knowledge: legal & management, occupational health, wellbeing and welfare, general safety, high-risk activities, environment and specialist activities. Questions pertaining to specialist activities will include some on demolition and highway works.

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