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You will need to take the correct CITB Health, Safety and Environment test before you can apply for your CSCS card. Your required card and test may vary depending on your qualifications, but generally a Foreman will need to take the CITB Specialist Supervisory Health, safety and environment test.
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About CSCS Card for Foreman

You will need to have the appropriate CSCS card certifying your qualifications to be considered for work on most job sites in the UK, regardless of whether the site is major or minor. A CSCS Supervisory Card, sometimes just referred to as a CSCS Gold Card (though not to be confused with the CSCS Gold Advanced Craft Card) will display your qualifications as a Foreman, enabling you access to work on both public and private construction sites for its five year validity period.

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How do I apply for the CSCS card for Foreman?


Complete an appropriate qualification for the CSCS Supervisory Card.


Book your CITB Specialist Supervisory Health, safety and environment test.


Apply for your CSCS Card.
If you already possess a renewable CSCS Supervisory Card which has expired within the past year, you can renew this with just the CITB Specialist Supervisory Health, safety and environment test score report.

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Book CITB Test For Foreman

How to obtain a Supervisory CSCS Card

You will need at least two required qualifications in order to apply for a CSCS Card. You will need one of CSCS’ approved qualifications, such as an NVQ Level 3 or higher in the correct discipline. This may be completed as a college diploma.

You will also need to take the CITB Specialist Supervisory Health, safety and environment tes.The result is valid for 2 years and you will need the score report for your card application. This can be completed at your local, CITB-approved test centre.

About the CITB Test for Foreman CSCS Card

It is mandated that anyone applying for or renewing a CSCS card takes the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test corresponding to their card and qualifications. Tests are carried out at approved CITB centres only. There are 50 multiple-choice questions in the CITB Specialist Supervisory Health, safety and environment test, focused on both specialist topics and fundamental health, safety and environmental topics in construction.

Statistically, the majority of those who fail the CITB test are those who did not revise in advance of the exam. It is crucial that you study in preparation for your Health, Safety and Environment test.

Booking your CITB Test for Foreman Card

To book your CITB test for your Foreman CSCS card, use our simple booking form. Fill out the necessary details and select the ‘Supervisor’ test. You will then need to select your preferred test date and centre. Once this has been completed, you will be able to securely provide your payment information. Your booking information should arrive within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You will need a CITB gold card test is the CITB supervisors test and is needed if you hope you apply for a CSCS Gold Card. The site supervisor plays a central role on any construction site. They are tasked with ensuring the various trades work with each other, that safety and health regulations are adhered to and that the work proceeds on schedule. 

It takes someone familiar with the construction business to make an effective site supervisor. In order for a supervisor to prove their competency, they need to obtain a CSCS Gold Card by taking the CITB Gold Card Test. 

The CITB Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is a 2-day course designed specifically for those about to take on a supervisory role with a construction company. Unfortunately, the SSSTS alone is not enough to obtain a CITB Gold Card for Supervisors. It is, however, quite possible that a company may require you to have this certification (as well as the CITB Gold Card) if you want to be a site supervisor.

If you need to obtain a CSCS Gold Card, booking the CITB HS&E Supervisor’s Test is a straightforward process. Simply go to our test booking page and fill in the relevant details. No matter how experienced you are we would also strongly suggest that you engage in comprehensive revision before arriving to take the test at the test centre. You can find appropriate revision materials here.

You can apply for a CSCS Gold supervisor card or the CSCS Gold Advanced Craft card in 3 simple steps:
  1. Book in a CITB Health, Safety and Environment Supervisor or Specialist test at your local test centre.
  2. Complete your NVQ level 3 or equivalent
  3. Apply for your CSCS Gold Card

To book in a CITB Supervisor test for a CSCS Card this can be done instantly here. Sometimes you can get a CITB test booking slot within a few days and sometimes it can take a week or more at busier test centres. If you have already completed your level 3 NVQ or equivalent you will just need to apply for the CSCS Gold Card. As long as you have your NVQ and CITB pass certificate the this should arrive with you 5-10 working days from when you make your application. 

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