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Certifications for construction industry workers

As you might guess from the name, Construction Certification is a company that specialises in tests and certification for construction industry workers. This means we are familiar with all the different types of CSCS Cards that are available and, most importantly, with the qualifications you need to obtain each one. 

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To Need Photo Identification – When you arrive at your local test centre, you will be asked to provide a form of photo ID that is acceptable to the test centre officials. This should be a passport, driving licence or some other government-issued form of photo identification.


To Answer 50 Multiple Choice Questions – The CITB Test consists of 50 questions, all with multiple choice answers. You will have 45 minutes to answer all of the questions and you can choose your preferred answers by pressing on the relevant section of the touchscreen.


To Receive Your Certificate Immediately – Once you have completed the test, your certificate will be printed out and presented to you before you leave. It will show your test results clearly and can be used to apply for your new CSCS Card.
If you are ready to book your test, please feel free to do so right now. If you need more information first, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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Book CITB Test in Cumberland

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If you would like to pass your CITB test and apply for the right CSCS Card, without any unnecessary delays, Construction Certification is the service provider you can trust. 

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