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Keeping track of the validity of your CSCS Card is crucial for maintaining access to construction sites in the UK. Our CSCS Card Checker is an essential tool that allows you to verify your card’s status quickly and easily. 

Remember, if your card is not valid, you may be asked to leave the job site. Regularly checking the validity of your card and taking appropriate action when necessary will help you stay employed and maintain your professional reputation.
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How to Use the CSCS Card Checker

Check the validity of your card: To use the CSCS Card Checker, simply click on the link above to access the CITB online card checker. You’ll need to enter your card number and other personal information to verify its validity.
Re-order an expired card: If your CSCS Card has expired or is nearing expiration, you’ll need to re-order a new one. You can follow the link provided to our re-order an expired card page to begin the process.
Why You Should Regularly Check Your CSCS Card
Stay compliant: Ensuring your card is valid at all times is essential for maintaining access to construction sites and complying with health and safety regulations.
Avoid delays: Regularly checking your card’s status will help you avoid any surprises or delays on the job site due to an invalid card.
Protect your reputation: An expired or invalid card may lead to questions about your qualifications and experience, potentially harming your professional reputation.
Maintain employment: Failing to keep your card up-to-date could result in the loss of employment opportunities or being removed from a job site.
Benefits of Using the CSCS Card Checker
Easy access: The online CSCS Card Checker is user-friendly and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.
Save time: Quickly and easily verify the status of your card without needing to call or visit a test centre.
Stay informed: Regularly checking your card’s status will ensure you are aware of its validity and can take appropriate action if needed.
Peace of mind: By using the CSCS Card Checker, you can confidently approach your work knowing your qualifications and experience are up-to-date and recognised.

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