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Choose from over 150 CITB Test Centre locations nationwide. The full address of each test centre is listed below. A test centre may be listed by the city or region it is in. 
You can book your CITB test, commonly known as the CSCS Test, using this service. You can also find out information about the CSCS test in Colchester and get directions to the Colchester CSCS Test Centre.

Colchester CSCS Test Centre Address

Wellington House,
Butt Road,
United Kingdom

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CSCS Test Information

To get a CSCS Card you must complete a CITB Health, Safety and Environment test known as the CSCS test. The test takes 45 minutes. It is a multiple choice test with 50 questions. You must get 45 out of 50 to pass. The CSCS test can be taken at over 150 test centres nationwide. 

Brief directions

Butt Road car park is 200 yards from Wellington House. From the car park walk down Butt Road. Wellington House is on the right hand side. The Test Centre is located on the 4th floor.
The CSCS card is a way to verify that people working on construction sites have the appropriate knowledge and training. This helps prevent on-the-job mishaps that endanger everyone's health and safety. You obtain a CSCS card by taking the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test. There are 150 CSCS test centres nationwide including in Colchester.
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Over the past 25 years, the CSCS Card program has made UK construction sites progressively safer. Today, the card is required by most construction companies. To obtain one you must pass a test designed to gauge your knowledge of health, safety and awareness issues.
What to Expect in the Test
If you are late you can expect to be turned away. No exceptions. Inside the Colchester Test Centre, you will sit for a security photo. During the test itself, you will be given 45 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions.
What to Take With You
The one thing you will need is a valid UK driving license or UK passport. Without a valid ID, you will not gain entry to the Test Centre. 
If you do not have a license or passport you still have a chance to take the test if you can produce 2 alternative forms of identification. Alternate forms of ID include a bank statement, a Work ID Card or a debit/credit card. For a full list of alternative IDs, click here.
What to do Before Going to the Test Centre
Nearly 3/4 of those who fail do not study before the test. Click here to find high-quality revision materials.
How do I Book a Test?
You can book the CSCS Test in Colchester by using our simple online form.
How to Pass Your CSCS Test
If you are looking to take your CSCS test at our Colchester Training Centre, you might be trying to find out information about what the test is like, what it includes, and if there is anything you can do to increase your chances of passing it.
The truth is, there is no big secret to passing your CSCS test. It all comes down to how much preparation you put in before you arrive to take the test. If you know someone who has passed their CSCS test, it’s highly likely they will tell you they did it by spending lots of time revising beforehand.
This is the best thing you can do before sitting your test - revise as much as you can. In addition to revising, you should think about your strategy for the test itself. You have a limited amount of time (45 minutes) to answer all the questions in the test (50) so you need to work your way through them in a methodical way
Try not to spend too long on any question. If you don’t immediately know the answer from the multiple-choice options given to you, either leave the question and come back to it at the end or make your best guess. You want to make sure that you answer every single question, even if you aren’t 100% sure of the answer to all of them. You need to get at least 45 of the 50 questions correct in order to pass so missing just one out can be the difference between passing and failing.
What Is The Right Level CSCS Test To Take?
The CSCS test comes in 3 levels - the Operatives Test, the Specialists Test, and the Managers or Professionals Test.
The Operatives Test is for those looking to get a CSCS Green Card (Labourer) or a CSCS Red Card (Provisional).
The Specialists Test is for those looking to get a CSCS Red Card (Trainee, Apprentice or Experienced Worker), CSCS Blue Card (Skilled Worker) or CSCS Gold Card (Supervisory or Advanced).
The Managers or Professionals Test is for those looking to get a CSCS Red Card (Technical, Supervisor or Managers), CSCS White Card (Academically or Professionally Qualified Person), or CSCS Black Card (Manager).
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