Cancellation Policy

CSCS Card Applications

Business Customers who request a refund after placing an order with us will be charged a £20 admin fee. If you request a refund after we have determined that your documents are not appropriate for the card you are applying for, we will also charge a £20 Admin fee.

Non-Business Customers - when the customer requests a refund and we have begun work on the application you will be charged a £20 administration fee per card. We commenced our service when you uploaded your required documentation via our system. If you do NOT have the correct documentation you will also be charged an administration fee of £20.
· All CSCS Card applications that have been submitted (completed) are non-refundable. 
· New or renewed CSCS cards will not always be issued automatically. 
· We will send you a link to upload the documents for your CSCS Card application. You must upload your documents within 30 days or no refund can be given. 
· We may contact you with information requests via email relating to your CSCS card application (please check your junk). You must reply to us with the relevant information/qualifications requested. You must do this within 60 days or you will no longer be able to proceed with your application and no refund will be given.
· If you do not receive your CSCS card or any information requests within 14 days of your application please contact us. 
· It is the responsibility of the customer and their business to ensure they have or will have the relevant qualifications to be able to process their CSCS card application within 60 days. If the customer or candidate cannot provide a copy of the relevant information or qualifications they will not be entitled to a refund. However if a refund is requested within 60 days, and your application has been worked on but has not been submitted to CSCS we will give a full refund minus £20 administration charge. 
· Your CSCS card will generally take 5-10 working days to be sent out to you after you submit all the correct information to us. We can make no guarantee of the timeframe a CSCS card will take to reach you. We do not issue CSCS cards directly and the amount of time for you to receive your card may vary. It may also be delayed due to COVID. 
Please note: Business Customers are those customers operating within the Construction Industry using business details to purchase the product i.e. email address and/or address. 

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